how to hack instagram and Facebook password in easy way

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Hi friends,
                 Not wasting time we started ............


1.Go to                                                     
2.Register your free account (For privacy use Temp-mail).
You see like this   

3.Go to no.35 and you see like this.....then copy like of any language than send to your victm by social engineering tricks ( for Tips click here)Click hereYou can see 2nd image for reference

4....Than waiting for your friends respond 
Then waiting for response of your friends and see password in "my victim"

For Hacking Facebook password

✨Send any Facebook link

And you can hack upto 30 types social accounts by this trick.....
And for better hacking tips

Click here

Enjoy hacking.........

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  1. Tell us something new wk it i want a teick that doesn't imclinc any link