How to hack any social media profile by phishing

This tutorial for education purpose only we don't responsible for any thing.Please proceed in own risk. Our channel and blog intend to violate Community Guidelines.

          This time I will post most requested things.!!!!!!!.It is social media's account hacking easiest method.

         In this post I will give you only trick and some most important tips for this type of Hacking.I know that all people want to hack Facebook and Instagram so this time I will give you very very easy trick it's called Phishing.

Phishing for Facebook

For see full method click here

And you will also try this method in other social media......

Tips for Phishing::

  1. When you shearing phishing link use temp-mail(If you didn't know about Temp- mail comment me)  
  2. When you send anyone link use shorturl of google or other.
  3. Use some attractive keyword.for example (earn 100 likes in one hours) 

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