What is Vulnerability testing?Type of Vulnerability testing and how to do it.

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                 I thing you all know about Hacking and we completed footprinting also I am telling you about Kali Linux and how to install it with connect WiFi easily .If you didn't know that check my blog all information are in this blog.And scanning has been completed.Most important thing is zero-day .
                 Then I would thing that you all see this and I will starting next and most and most importuning thing it is Vulnerability Analysis and it is part of Vulnerability Testing............

       Which things do in Vulnerability Testing
  • It is important for the security of the organization.
  • The process of locating and reporting the vulnerabilities, which provide a way to detect and resolve security problems by ranking the vulnerabilities before someone or something can exploit them.
  • In this process Operating systems, Application Software and Network are scanned in order to identify the occurrence of vulnerabilities, which include inappropriate software design, insecure authentication, etc
How to do Vulnerability Testing?

Steps of Vulnerability Testing
  • Begin Documentation
  • Secure Permission
  • Update Tools
  • Configure Tools
  • Wait for result 
  • Analysis the result
  • If you find new things make Zero-day

Types of vulnerability scanner

Host Based
  • Identifies the issues in the host or the system.
  • The process is carried out by using host-based scanners and diagnose the vulnerabilities.
  • The host-based tools will load a mediator software onto the target system; it will trace the event and report it to the security analyst.
Network Based
  • It will detect the open port, and identify the unknown services running on these ports. Then it will disclose possible vulnerabilities associated with these services.
  • This process is done by using Network-based Scanners.
Database Based
  • It will identify the security exposure in the database systems using tools and techniques to prevent from SQL Injections. (SQL Injections: - Injecting SQL statements into the database by the malicious users, which can read the sensitive data's from database and can update the data in the Database.)

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