How to hack your friends mobile and see fb & whatsapp massage,call & live recording,gps loction,live recoding with many more with the help of spyhuman?

              This tutorial for education purpose only we don't responsible for any thing.Spying into someone`s mobile without his/her permission is illegal.Please proceed in own risk. Our channel and blog intend to violate Community Guidelines.  
Hi friends,
        You can hack someone phone very easily with in stapes
with this app -- Spyhuman
        If you have watch video in hindi click this link...(coming soon) 


2.Verify Email.....

3.Then Login again in this page with this link....

4. click  Downlode apk  (If you like to buy it so buy that for more better like whtsapp , call & live recording and much more ....)
NOTE:If you don`t buy this app given
              1)call log 
              3)GPS location
              4)Browsing history  all free.....
5.Install apk....
                                BIG NOTE
If you have Redmi phone or up then 6.5 android version , follow this   

1.Security>Permission>give all to 'Security Service'(SPYHUMAN APK`S NAME)

2.Setting> additional setting>privacy>device administer>disable scan third party(for some device anther way If you didn`t know comment me )

6.Start watching.....enjoy....
Teem HNA  

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